Wednesday, April 27, 2011

06 Diana Ornelas Yearblog

Nickname: dydy
Favorite Subjects: math
Favorite Activities: drawing
Favorite Foods: Chinese
Favorite Book: Tiger eyes
Favorite Movies: You again

Describe yourself with only 22 Words: 1. Funny, 2. fun, 3. shy, 4. Laugh a lot, 5. crazy, 6. weird, 7. shopper,
8. Cool, 9.  love Facebook, 10. annoying, 11. Love family, 12. Girly girl, 13. hyper, 14. love friends, 15. Smart, 16. cute, 17. love music, 18. love candy, 19 love food, 20. happy, 21. Love dancing, 22. Love seaworld...
Favorite Songs: E.T katy perry
Favorite Bands: Justin bieber
Shout-Out List: to my freinds for bieng such good friends
Friend List:  Gisselle, Dayna, Nazaria, Dalisa, Clarissa
Favorite quote: Just be who you are, dont change for someone

06 Marisol Garibay Yearblog

Name: Marisol Garibay
Nickname: Madi
Favorite Subjects: Science,English
Favorite Activities: Soccer,and Drawing
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Book: Shiloh
Favorite Movies: Penelope 
Favorite Songs: http:
Favorite Bands:
Shout-Out List:
Friend List:
Favorite quote:
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: 1.Animal lover 2.Hiper 3.soda lover 4.candy lover 5.plays soccer 6.loves music 7.creative 8.likes Justin Bieber 9.funny 11.likes food 12.loves Monkeys 13.loves monster jam 14.nice 15.likes fruit 16.likes vegetables  17.left handed 18.Favorite color red 19.Invader Zim    20.don't like pink 21.awesome 22.loves grr

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

08 Helen Pike Yearblog

Name: Helen Pike
Nickname: dont really have one.
Favorite Subjects: science
Favorite Activities: playing piano, drawing
Favorite Foods: any kind
Favorite Book: den of shadows quartet, bad girls dont die, morganville vampires, fallen.
Favorite Movies: a walk to remember, i am number 4, idk lots.
Favorite Songs: i dont know.
Favorite Bands: secondhand serenade, red jumpsuit apparatus, natalie merchant, a hope for home, 4 letter lie, lots of others.
Shout-Out List:
Friend List: trever, lilli, brittany, dejaih.
Favorite quote:
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

07 Selene Damian Yearblog

Name:Selene Damian
Nickname: Selenie
Favorite Subjects:Art and PE
Favorite Activities: Swimming
Favorite Foods:Nutella and Thanksgiving dinner
Favorite Book:Pablo the cold penguin
Favorite Movies:Step brothers and The hot chick
Favorite Songs:  Super Bass & Angel
Favorite Bands:
Shout-Out List: To everyone that's been there to make me laugh :) haha
Friend List: E V E R Y O N E
Favorite quote: "Diamond's, are a girls best friend ♥ " so true hahaha

 1. Charming
4.Kinda Smart
5. Brunette

07 Nazaria Barela Yearblog

Name: Nazaria Barela
Nickname: Don't have one
Favorite Subjects:Science and History
Favorite Activities: Singing
Favorite Foods: Pizza
Favorite Book: Lovely bones
Favorite Movies: Lovely bones
Favorite Songs: price tag
Favorite Bands: Jessie j
Shout-Out List: thanks Jackie and Julia for always being there for me
Friend List: Jackie, Julia, Victoria, Dayna, Selene, Gisselle, Diana, Dalisa, Kaitlyn, Kate, Kellie
Favorite quote: i don't care
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: Nice kind hipper try everything short sporty sleepy lazy love to run TV talented crazy think play wii love to eat candy

08 Julia Tavares Yearblog

Favorite Subjects:
Favorite Activities:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Bands:
Shout-Out List:
Friend List:
Favorite quote:
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

08 Courtland Nickel Yearblog

Name:Courtland Nickel

Favorite Subjects:Mr.Smith,History,Science
Favorite Activities:Hanging Out With Friends, Drawing,Listening to music

Favorite Foods:Top Ramen

Favorite Book:The Life And Death Of Super-Man

Favorite Movies:Star wars: 4,5,6, The first three suck!

Favorite Songs:Your Gonna Go Far Kid

Favorite Bands:The OffSpring, the Beatles,The Misfits,Blink 182
Shout-Out List:Uhh Fabian, My dad,Blake my brother
Friend List:Fabian,Art,Luke,trever. trever is my favorite.
Favorite quote:You can be a hero. You just have to have faith in who you are and what you're going to be.
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:Happy,Excited,hyper,Crazy,Fun,Mysterious

08 Julian Sink Yearblog

Name: Julian

Nickname: N/A

Favorite Subjects: Art, Media, Science, History

Favorite Activities: Video Games

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Rallys, KFC

Favorite Book: White Fang

Favorite Movies: Gabriel Iglasias Hot and Fluffy

Favorite Songs: N/A

Favorite Bands: We Came as Romans

Shout-Out List:Mr.Smith, Mrs. T, Mrs.N

Friend List: Tavius,

Favorite quote: 2 Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question

Describe yourself with only 22 Words: Smart, Kind, Friendly, Energetic, Nice,

08 Fabian Arevalo Yearblog

Name: Fabian Arevalo
Nickname: none
Favorite Subjects:
Favorite Activities: Skateboarding, Playing guitar
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Tacos,Orange chicken
Favorite Book: The Book thief
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Songs: none I like most of them equally 
Favorite Bands:,This providence, Switchfoot, TDWP,
Shout-Out List: no one
Friend List: Enrique,Trever,Art,Rodrigo Abner
Favorite quote: ...............
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

Monday, April 25, 2011

06 Nathan Charles Yearblog


Name:Nathan Charles
Favorite Subjects:P.E
Favorite Activities:P.E
Favorite Foods:pizza
Favorite Book:diary of a wimpy kid
Favorite Movies:Horror
Favorite Songs:psycho social
Favorite Bands:slipknot-link
Shout-Out List:Me for finishing this
Friend List:Ben,Jorge,Josh,Joseph,Adrian,Noe and Tony
Favorite quote:so close
Describe yourself with only 22   Words:smart,nice,responsible,kind,positive,happy,genius,intelligent,cool,awesome,active,animal lover,dark brown eyes ,curly hair,brave,bold,powerful,mighty,excited,helpful,strong

06 Dalisa Toro Yearblog

Favorite Subjects:
Favorite Activities:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Bands:
Shout-Out List:
Friend List:
Favorite quote:
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

06 Tavius Wilson Yearblog

Favorite Subjects:
Favorite Activities:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Movies: Dragon Ball Z link 

Favorite Songs:

Favorite Bands:
Shout-Out List:
Friend List:
Favorite quote:

06 Diana Ornelas Yearblog

Favorite Subjects:
Favorite Activities:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Bands:
Shout-Out List:
Friend List:
Favorite quote:
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

07 Dayna Barney Yearblog

Name:  Dayna Barney
Nickname: Dayday
Favorite Subjects: Science
Favorite Activities: Art
Favorite Foods: Sea Food
Favorite Book: Justin Bieber Book's
Favorite Movies: Nemo
Favorite Songs: One less lonely Girl
Favorite Bands: Justin Bieber
Shout-Out List: To my friends
Friend List: Nazaria, Gisselle, Diana, Dalisa, Selene, Clarissa, Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Kellie,
Favorite quote: Just be who you are, Dont let anybody wanna change you
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: 1. Funny, 2. Happy, 3. Crazy, 4. Fun, 5. Artistic, 6. Smart, 7. A helper, 8. Silly, 9. Cool, 10. Nice, 11. Cute, 12. Fast, 13. Athletic, 14. Hipper, 15. I love      Candy,16. I love roller coasters, 17. I love music, 18. I love my dog, 19. I love my friends,  20. I love food, 21. I lovefacebook, 22. I love singing.....

08 Megan Nevin Yearblog

Name:Megan Elaina Nevin
Nickname: Meg Meg
Favorite Subjects: art, langauge arts, media
Favorite Activities: Texting, running, shopping, facebook,hanging with friends 
Favorite Foods:peanut butter, crackers, salad!, orange chickan
Favorite Book: idk
Favorite Movies: Hostel,white noise, last house on the left, blair witch project, the crazies, scream 4 :)
Favorite Songs: ET katy perry.lollipop, never too late, back seat, bad romance by the demontration, dreams.
Favorite Bands: framing hanley, usher, three days grace, the demonstration, we came as romans, white chapel, bring me the horizen, devil wears prada.
Shout-Out List hey whats up
Friend List: Alexxa, Saffron, Katie, Jenna, steven, daniel, Jaqueline, jason, Alex, Jake, Zack, mikenzie, olivia,
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: Nice, cute, fun, active, shopping, talkative, flirt, facebook, doing things fun:) my phone!!!, love my bestie!<3, shopping,

07 Gustavo Cervera Yearblog

Nickname: ?
Favorite Subjects: History,Science
Favorite Activities: Soccer
Favorite Foods: Pizza
Favorite Book: Football super stars
Favorite Movies: Inception,Godfather
Favorite Songs: Warp 1997
Favorite Bands:Afrojack,Dj Blend
Shout-Out List:?
Friend List: Jose,Danny,Ben,Noe.Leo,Nathan,Josh .C
Favorite quote:(  feeling lucky punk)
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: tall , funny, mean, rough, soccer ,football,dj, music,electro, dubstep, shufflin , clubin ,partys,

07 Leo Genis Yearblog

Name: Leonardo Genis
Nickname: Leo
Favorite Subjects:sports
Favorite Activities: sports and video games
Favorite Foods: tacos
Favorite Book: holes
Favorite Movies: scream1,2,3,4,
Favorite Songs: usher-omg, eminem- beautiful, travie macoy-  billionaire 
Favorite Bands: ac-dc, the beatles, black eyed peas
Shout-Out List: myself
Friend List: Danny,Ben,Noe,Gustavo,Jose, Selene, Alexi,josh,Joshua,nathan
Favorite quote: (To late)
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:soccer player,football,scary movies,video games,tv, shows,technologist,fast,fun,funny,tall,like games of war, rock, war planes, like technology, call of duty, ea sport games,

06 Noe Uribe Yearblog

Name:Noe Uribe
Favorite Subjects:None
Favorite Activities:Football
Favorite Foods:hamburger from Carl's Jr 
Favorite Book:Noe
Favorite Movies:Clash of the Titans
Favorite Songs:21st Century Breakdown
Favorite Bands:Green day
Shout-Out List:None
Friend List:Gustavo,Leo,Nathan,Jorge,Josh,Jose
Favorite quote:"i,ll be back"
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:play football i like to play football

06 Jorge Garibay Yearblog

 Name:Jorge Garibay
Favorite Subjects:Reading
Favorite Activities:ATV

Favorite food:Pasta

Favorite Book:goose bumps
Favorite Movies:Men in black
Favorite Songs: Its my life
Favorite Bands:Black eye peas
Shout-Out List:To Noe answering a lot of Qustions
Friend List:Nathan,Noe,Joshua,Ben
Favorite quote:Whats up
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:Small,tiny,funny,nice,careful,friendly,helpful,active,playful,brave,cool,radical,animal lover,hopeful,tough,ruff,kind,Brown eyes,black hair,Justin bieber hair,Small hand,small feet

07 Emily Vignapiano Year Blog

Name: Emily M. Vignapiano
Nicknames: Em, Temari
Favorite Subjects: All of them :-)
Favorite Activities: Basketball, Shopping, and most sports :-)
Favorite Foods: Italian Food :-)

Favorite Books: The Percy Jackson series, the Heroes of Olympus series, and the Kane Chronicles series.

Favorite Movie: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (except for the part with Medusa...VERY creepy!)

Favorite Songs: Too many to put them all, but my top 3 are Dance Floor Anthem, Just Dance and Break Your Little Heart (not necessarily in that order)
Favorite Bands: Good Charlotte and All Time Low
Shout-Out List: All the teachers for making learning fun.
Friend List: Vivian, Nathaniel, and a bunch of people outside of school.
Favorite Quote:
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: Crazy (sort of), weird, a total nerd, nice, kind, helpful, sort of impulsive, very different from everyone else, very good at basketball.

07 Katelyn Ancona Yearblog

name: katelyn ancona
nickname: kate
favorite subject: art, media, science, english, history
favorite activity: making videos, singing, reading, acting
favorite movies: pineapple express, knocked up,127 hours, love actually, donnie darko your highness, spider-man 1,2,and3, rango, sweeny todd, 500 days of summer, limitless, source code, everything Johnny Depp, everything James Franco,

fav artists: emilie autumn, mindless self indulgence, the cure, system of a down, death cab for cutie, postal service, reel big fish, vampire weekend, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, joan jett, queen, billie holiday, sophie tucker, david bowie, flight of the Concords, Imogen heap, and more
friends: kaitlyn T. kellie, alexis, vannessa, claressa,and selene

07 Danny Toro Yearblog

Name:Danny ToroNickname:Dan  Favorite Subjects:Media  Favorite Activities:Airsoft,Mountain Biking,Video games,Scootering,swiming,guitar
Favorite Foods:Mexican
Favorite Book:Percy Jackson Series  Favorite Movies:Lost Count #1.)Battle for L.A  Favorite Songs:Just cant get enough,The Time,Memories,Nicki Minaj moment 4 life, mozart requiem
Favorite Bands:Linkin Park,Skillet,Black Eyed Peas   Shout-Out List:I shout out to myself for being AWESOME
Friend List:Jose,Ben,Gustavo,Josh Ch.,Brandon,Julian,Rodrigo,Selene,Alexis,and Vanessa  
                                                                 Favorite quote:Tonto
22 words that describe me is awesome,strong,tan,black haired,guitar,food,water,music,active,video games, random,fast,brown eyed,Porto Ricenyo,computer,airsoft,bike,cool


07 Brandon Machuca Yearblog

Favorite Subjects:
Favorite Activities:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Bands:
Shout-Out List:
Friend List:
Favorite quote:
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

07 Ben Salvacion Yearbook

Radioactive Koala Bears

favorite subject - media
favorite tv show - man vs wild
favorite movie - bruce lee movies
favorite thing to do- play guitar and hang out with my friends and family
favorite band - megadeth,metallica,greenday,nirvana,van halen,led zeppelin,guns and roses,buckethead,the beatles,ac/dc,foo fighters,system of down,tenacious d,jimi hendrixs,rush,ozzy osbourne,black sabbath,iron madien,anthrax,black eyepeas,slipknot,korn,tool,pantera,far east movement,
favorite music - ROCK-METAL-little bit of hiphop
favorite food - hot wings
favorite sport - foot ball-baseball
favorite teams - padres,chargers,steelers,saints
Shout-Out List: to all my friends and teachers
Friend List: my elementry friends and mountain peak friends
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

Hi my name is ben i like to play guitar,i in a band,i like man vs wild,i also like bruce lee,i like hanging out with my friends and family.And hitting my speed bag

07 Alexis Valdivia Yearblog

Name: Alexis Valdivia
Nickname: Lexi
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Activities: Listan to music, text, hang with friends
Favorite Foods: a lot of things
Favorite Movies: 127 hours, pineapple express, anything with Tyler Perry
Favorite Songs: no hands-Waka Flocka Flame, put it down on me-50 cent and Jeremih
Favorite Bands: PARAMORE
Shout-Out List: to all my friends who have always been there for me.
Friend List: Selene, Vanessa, Katelyn A., Kaitlyn T., Clarissa, Danny and more !!
Favorite quote: if u don't stand for something, u"ll fall for anything.
22 Words that describe you: (what people said)
1. nice 2. caring 3. friendly 5.

Name: Alexis Valdivia
Nickname: Lexi
Favorite Subjects: Math and Science
Favorite Activities: Listen to music
Favorite Foods:Mexican food
Favorite Book: The outsides
Favorite Movies: 127 hours , Pineapple express
Favorite Songs: no hands , put it down on me , and a lot more
Favorite Bands: Paramore , Pierce the Veil !
Shout-Out List: I want to give a shout out to all my friends who have always been there for me.
Friend List: Kaitlyn T.,Clarissa , Selene , Vanessa , Trever  , Katelyn A. , Kellie , Danny !
Favorite quote: If you don't stand for something, u'll fall for anything.
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: crazy , funny , awesome ,cool,  brown hair , brown eyes , pretty , straight forward , popular , purple , all stars , awesome friend , 7th grade, caring , smart , interesting , nice , observant , happy , confident , open minded , honest .

07 Jose Loera Yearblog

Name: Jose Loera
Nickname: Wonwin
Favorite Subject: Graphics Art
Favorite Activities: Basketball, Guitar, and playing video games
Favorite Foods: TACOS, Pizza, Fries, Anything in fast food
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Movies: Avatar, 2012, Tron, Transformers, Topgun
Favorite Songs:  Aberdeen, Smells Like a Teen Spirit, Adam's Song
Favorite Bands: Blink 182, Nirvana, Cage the Elephant, Sum 41, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Green Day, Beck, Sublime, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, The Knicks, The Turtles, Jack Jackson, Kings of Leon, The Who, Jimmy Eat World, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Jimmy Page
Shout-Out List: Hi Jesus :D
Friend List: Gustavo, Ben, Danny, Leo, Josh, Joshua, Nathan, Jorge
Favorite quote: What?
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: Funny, Nice, Boring, Stupid, Jesus Lover, Dumb, Rocker, Mexican, Latino, Cool, Freak, Jack In The Box lover, Carls Jr. Lover, In N Out Lover, Crazy, Bad speller, Hard working, Awesome, Sporty, Basketball player, Friendly, Gamer

08 Joshua Charles Yearblog

Name: Joshua Charles

Favorite Subjects:Math and Social Studies
Favorite Activities:Playing a sport or playing video games andgoing to see movies
Favorite Foods:Burritos and Carne Asada Tacos
Favorite Book:Monster
Favorite Movies:Zombie land
Favorite Songs:Dead Memories and Psychosocial
Favorite Video Game:Medal of Honor Heroes 2
Describe yourself with only 22 Word: Smart , Football,Pancakes,Athletic,Falls,Cool,Slipknot,Video Games,Tacos,Burritos,11,Awesome,Nice,Math,T.V.,Freddie W is  Funny,Smosh,Texas,Donuts,Sour Candy,Music is cool.

Friday, April 22, 2011

08 Illianna Gonzalez-Soto Yearblog

Name: Illianna
Nickname: Lilli, Lillianna, Silli,
Favorite Subjects: English, Lab, Art Class
Favorite Activities: Reading
Favorite Foods: Don't have one
Favorite Book: Don't have one
Favorite Movies: Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, The Descent, The Notebook, Salt
Favorite Songs: Hello love goodbye, Like a Knife, Goodbye, Face Down, Justify, Godspeed, Jar of Hearts, To Mask Her Aid, Down, It's not over, and more...
Favorite Bands: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, To Be Juliet's Secret, Secondhand Serenade, One Republic
Shout-Out List: Bye school! im off to highschool!!!! Bye teachers!!!
Friend List: Dejaih, Brittany, Helen, Clarissa, Vanessa, Andrea, Selene,
Favorite quote: " Life is to short, so laugh insanely, love truly, and forgive quickly."
Describe yourself with only 22 Words: weird, crazy, funny, spontaneous, optimistic, interesting, reader, silly, hyper, shopper, unique, random, quiet, friend, books, music, singer, actress, sarcastic, freaky, smart, thespian

Monday, April 18, 2011

08 Arturo Scharff Yearblog

Name:Arturo Scharff
Nickname: Art
Favorite Subjects: music
Favorite Activities: chilling skating and music
Favorite Foods: that one food
Favorite Book: Dante's Inferno
Favorite Movies: -------------------------
Favorite Songs: TO MANY
Favorite Bands: Afi Blink 182 sum 41 war of ages devildriver the devil wears prada Green day lost prophets Lamb Of God System of a down Dimmu Borgir
Shout-Out List:
Friend List: Lilli Helen Trever Enrique Courtland Fabian Luke
Favorite quote: "You Shut up when your talking to me."
Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

08 Trever Freeby Yearblog

el muerto cuz im skinny like a skeleton.

Name: Trever Freeby
Nickname: that guy,
Favorite Subjects:music
Favorite Activities: chillin skating and music
Favorite Foods:takos and sushi
Favorite Movies: pinapple express, gangs of new york, fight club, lords of dogtown
Favorite Songs: nirvana songs and system of a down songs. and punk and alternative musik
Favorite Bands:nirvana system of a down and gorillaz
Shout-Out List: Satan
Friend List: Enrique Art Fabian Helen Brittany courtland johhny jacky and other ppl
 Favorite quote: id rather be hated for who i am then loved for who im not

06 Kellie Hatch Yearblog

Name:Kellie  Hatch
random kid

Favorite Subjects:english and science
Favorite Activities: messing around and hangin with my bff
Favorite Foods:takis, hot cheetos and pizza

Favorite Movies: finding nemo, Tangled, Despicable me,and Avatar, My Name is Khan

Favorite Songs: a year without rain, Que sera, and barefoot cinderella

Favorite Bands:idk

Shout-Out List: to all my awesome bffs out there

Friend List: Kaitlyn T, clarissa, alexis, selene, and vanessa
 Favorite quote:

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.
Elbert Hubbard

Favorite Memories of CVLA: i don't have any yet

Describe yourself with only 22 Words:

07 Kaitlyn Tottress Yearblog

career :softball player
Favorite Subjects:Science,and Media

Favorite Activities:Softball,football,and singing
Favorite Foods:Pizza,and Fuego Takis
Favorite Movies:Despicable Me, Tangled,Avatar,
Favorite Songs: Who says,Pray, and Firework
Favorite Bands:slip knot,and Selena Gomez and the scene
Shout-Out List: To my awesome friends.
Friend List:Kellie,Vanessa,Katelyn A.,Clarissa,Alexis,Josh C.
Favorite Quote: I want to go peacefully like my grandpa not like the people screaming in the passenger seat.
Favorite Memories of CVLA:Friends,singing in the sound lab,and awesome teachers

Describe yourself with only 22 Words:awesome,pretty,funny,cute,awesome friend,sporty,first basemen,dirty blond,wears glasses,colorful clothes,vans,mommy(to Kellie),big mouth,brown eyes,purple,awesome singer,leader,12 years old,born in 1998